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On the 1’s and 2’s: Turntablist or DJ

I went to Chicago for my best friend’s wedding over the spring last year, and a beautiful wedding it was. The couple are long-time friends of mine and my wife’s. The location was a plant nursery/garden with a very cool earthy vibe, but it wasn’t the vibe of the venue that got me excited….or the open bar for that matter. Oh no, it was the fact that they had a DJ. Not a guy with a mic pressing the play button and instructing your grandma how to do the chicken dance, but a real life Emcee riding the wheels of steel and working the 1′s & 2′s!!!!

For those of you who don’t understand my cool-kid lingo I’m talking about the kind of DJ who mixes records, scratches LP’s, who works with two turntables and a cross fade mixer. I was blown away by this guy and I’ve never seen a DJ of this kind outside of a dance club. This definitely adds an element of cool to your reception, and the nature of mixing records keep the music moving without gaps and keeps everyone on their feet.

Choosing between a turntablist and DJ depends on who you are as a couple and what kind of feel your reception is going for. If your post-ceremony festivities are more black tie and formal I would not recommend a turntablist. I would go with a very subdued DJ or jazz quartet. If you want a lighter party vibe and are encouraging heavy dancing…then you can’t go wrong with a turntablist.

Its a great way to make your wedding memorable and show that even though you’re in a gown and tux you can still get down!