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On the 1’s and 2’s: Turntablist or DJ

I went to Chicago for my best friend’s wedding over the spring last year, and a beautiful wedding it was. The couple are long-time friends of mine and my wife’s. The location was a plant nursery/garden with a very cool earthy vibe, but it wasn’t the vibe of the venue that got me excited….or the open bar for that matter. Oh no, it was the fact that they had a DJ. Not a guy with a mic pressing the play button and instructing your grandma how to do the chicken dance, but a real life Emcee riding the wheels of steel and working the 1′s & 2′s!!!!

For those of you who don’t understand my cool-kid lingo I’m talking about the kind of DJ who mixes records, scratches LP’s, who works with two turntables and a cross fade mixer. I was blown away by this guy and I’ve never seen a DJ of this kind outside of a dance club. This definitely adds an element of cool to your reception, and the nature of mixing records keep the music moving without gaps and keeps everyone on their feet.

Choosing between a turntablist and DJ depends on who you are as a couple and what kind of feel your reception is going for. If your post-ceremony festivities are more black tie and formal I would not recommend a turntablist. I would go with a very subdued DJ or jazz quartet. If you want a lighter party vibe and are encouraging heavy dancing…then you can’t go wrong with a turntablist.

Its a great way to make your wedding memorable and show that even though you’re in a gown and tux you can still get down!


To Trash or Not to Trash

I personally am a huge fan of the trash the dress trend. I thinks its a fun way (especially if it’s documented) to discard of something you’re only going to wear once and stuff in a closet. Have a little fun and get outside your comfort zone. Grab some paint, role in the mud, something to switch it up…you may surprise yourself in how fun the experience can be.

Trashing the dress has come under scrutiny recently…oh the scandalous topic, but that my friends is the allure of trash-the-dress aesthetic. These photos are designed to illicit a reaction, as they should. Having a trash-the-dress photo session can really make your dress a physical memory. You can have a beautiful photo and remember your dress in a way that really sticks. Or you could get it vacuum sealed in a plastic bag, push it to the back of the closet with those stylish Christmas sweaters, and only pull it out when you’re moving. Trashing the dress isn’t just for those anarchistic rock n’ roll brides either, it’s for every bride. Make your trash the dress session speak about who you are.

Above is a photo from our previous post paint the dress that Whitney shot of Kristen & Mason. Both are visual artists and wanted to incorporate that into their shoot, and I believe they succeeded. I mean come on! Look at how much fun that is…I know you’re thinking about it.

moon pie

A Taste of Home: Southern Wedding Tips

I can’t reiterate this enough, keeping it local is a fun and trendy way to give your wedding favors a boost of ‘cool’. Not only does it give your out-of-town wedding guests a little taste of your stomping ground, but it can also be a stress relieving way to spend some time with your fiance during the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding.

Take a day trip to Lynchburg and visit the Jack Daniel’s Distillery and snag some tipsy cakes, visit Bell Buckle in June for The RC Cola & Moon Pie festival and pick up the obvious, or go have breakfast at the world famous Loveless Cafe and be sure to bring home some biscuit mix and jam…your guests will love it! Point is, you can still have a good time (and get a full belly while you’re at it) while picking out your wedding favors. If all else fails, pick up some southern knickknacks and have a nice relaxing breakfast at your local Cracker Barrel. Hence where I took the photo this morning over a nice plate of eggs, grits, fried chicken, & bacon…mmmmm

The south, especially Tennessee, has a long list of local and unique wares that are sure to please. Show some Southern Hospitality with your wedding favors. Here are some great places to start:

Loveless Cafe
Jack Danil’s Distillery 
Goo Goo Clusters
Moon Pies 
RC Cola
Tennessee T-Cakes
Olive & Sinclair Chocolate 
Hatch Show Print
Spirit of Nashville Prints