About us


aboutAfter graduating with an art degree from the University of Georgia in Athens, Whitney moved to Nashville to pursue her photography career.  Shortly after her move, she noticed a pair of black Converse All Stars that were attached to a handsome young man who would later become her husband and business partner.

Whitney dreams of living in the early English 1900’s as she crochets, drinks tea, and reads C.S. Lewis and Jane Austin books. She also loves to work on art projects and plan extravagant vacations that she may one day take. When at home, Whitney can be found curled up in her Slanket with her little dogs Calvin & Wesley, while watching reruns of The Cosby Show, Monk, Twin Peaks, & Third Rock From The Sun. Of course, she also loves to spend time with her husband Peter.


Before Peter married Whitney, he had no idea he would be involved in the wedding industry.  He spent nine years working professionally in the music industry, as a bass player and audio engineer.  After three years of grunting gear for Whitney, she decided it was time for him to pick up a camera and start shooting along side her.  Now Peter’s pictures add a distinct flavor and style to Dove Wedding Photography.

Peter still enjoys playing, recording, and listening to music.  He loves spending time with friends, watching movies, and playing board games.  He is a self-professed nerd who collects Spider-Man comics and Star Wars paraphernalia.  He also holds a position as the Director of Youth Ministries at The Village Chapel.  When Peter is not busy with all these mentioned activities, he is happy sitting on the couch with his wife Whitney watching DVDs.